Belvedere Blend combines 100% Arabica beans from the finest origins to create a toffee sweetness that pairs perfectly with the delicious hazelnut base. Each sip of this elegantly balanced, creamy blend of Bio Fairtrade coffee has a rich, dark chocolate aftertaste brightened by a hint of crisp red apple.

Belvedere Blend is named after the Belvedere Palace, a museum that showcases some of Vienna’s most treasured works of art. Visitors to this World Heritage site can marvel at the beauty of nature as they walk through its magnificent gardens with a breathtaking view over the city of Vienna.

Bean type: 100% Arabica

Origins: Nicaragua & Honduras

Roast Level: 4/6

Acidity: 6/10

Sweetness: 8/10

Body: 6/10

Brewing recipe recommended for a double espresso:

Coffee amount: 15.4g

Extraction time: 28 sec.

Beverage weight per cup: 28g

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