Ristretto Intenso


European format 37 mm coffee capsule. The best Arabicas from South America and East Africa with a hint of the best Asian Robusta opens with a sweet and creamy aroma with a subtle and velvety crema.

Grain: Arabica / Robusta
Roasting: 5
Intensity: 10
Aroma: Very persistent
Sweetness: 8
Taste: Sweet and creamy with a fresh taste
Quantity/packaging: 10 capsules

– 100% certified industrial compost (OK COMPOST by TÜV Austria/Vincotte)
– Made from renewable resources, 100% certified OK BIOBASED (OK BIOBASED by TÜV Austria/Vincotte)
– Aluminum-free, PVDC-free, OGM-free, BPA-free
– Superior flavor protection through a patented flavor seal that protects the coffee from oxygen and ensures the best taste.

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